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The only Modern Marketing solution that integrates cross-channel, content, and social marketing with data management for the enterprise.

This Way to Modern Marketing

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A Journey to Modern Marketing

Ideal customers are advocates who are loyal and profitable. Marketing now orchestrates the experience that delivers that revenue. But how well do you really know them?

As they navigate the customer lifecycle making the considered purchase, they leave a trail of data. Can you read their Digital Body Language™ across channels? Do you capture this data in a Universal Customer Profile?

If not, how can you deliver content in context to point them towards conversion? Or provide the opportunity for advocacy? Now you can. Start your journey to Modern Marketing today.

Download Creating Ideal Customers

Creating Ideal Customers

Personalize Every Experience to Increase Engagement, Advocacy, and Revenue Download

Take the Lead: Grow the Business

With Oracle Marketing Cloud, the CMO can deploy a complete platform that finds, nurtures, and retains the most ideal and profitable customers to grow the business. Rapidly turn suspects into prospects and customers into advocates.

Larry Ellison and Oracle Want Your Business

Hey, CMO: Larry Ellison and Oracle Want Your Business

"We have all the service data, we have all the accounting data, we know what they bought, we know what they use. We have all the third-party data we collect from BlueKai. So we have this profile of the customer they don't have."
—Larry Ellison

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Enterprise Expertise

Rely on the only proven enterprise suite with cross-channel marketing, content marketing, social marketing, and data management for enterprise B2B and B2C. Our experts serve leading brands around the world with winning best practices and services.

Content in Context

Plan, produce, and deliver engaging content across multiple personas and channels throughout the customer lifecycle. Increase engagement, improve lead quality, and convert sales at the highest point of interest.

Quantify to Justify

Measure performance of campaigns, programs, and content across all aspects of the business. Modern Marketers now have advanced digital tools to dramatically transform marketing and realize the promise of creating a customer-obsessed culture.

Comprehensive Data

Attract, engage, and convert based on comprehensive data. Analyze their performance and develop personas and profiles. Once you truly know them, you can use laser focused targeting to selectively acquire more ideal customers.

Automate to Orchestrate

With millions of variables in customers, content, and touch points you need to drive precise orchestration of your marketing strategies. Listen and learn with enterprise grade social applications. Connect to hundreds of integrated marketing apps in the cloud. Tear down the silos. Do it all on a single system of record.