Oracle Push Cloud Service

The Oracle Push Cloud Service (formerly Push IO) is an enterprise class push notification platform built to satisfy the requirements of the world’s best apps and meet the needs of modern marketers.

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Now integrated directly into the Oracle Responsys Marketing Suite, for the first time you can include push notifications in your orchestrated marketing.

Push Cloud

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Contact us to add push to your existing Oracle Responsys Marketing Suite. Just need push notifications? The Oracle Push Cloud Service is also available as a standalone offering.

The Oracle Push Cloud Service enables marketers to extend their marketing efforts to the world of apps. As part of the Oracle Responsys Marketing Suite, you can deliver push notifications across devices as part of an orchestrated customer journey that includes email, SMS, display and more.

Strength in Signals
Getting started is easy. A lightweight software development kit (“SDK”) requires minimal time to integrate and collects a variety of signals such as device information, user preferences and more.


Since signals are captured at an individual level, they can be used to inform all of your messaging regardless of channel. For example, your customers’ smartphone time zone setting can be leveraged to send an email at an appropriate local time.

Measure Success
Signals are used for more than just sophisticated targeting. They provide real-time insight into the effectiveness of your push notifications.

Are your users social? Do they purchase your premium content? With Push Conversions, see how push notifications drive your high-value behaviors.

Enterprise Class
The Oracle Push Cloud Service was built to earn the confidence of IT. It’s high-performance, scalable, and provides sophistication your technology department expects.

Tech Specs

Get the most of out of Oracle Push Cloud Service by harnessing a full complement of capabilities, APIs, SDKs and more.

Web Dashboard
Use signal data and the Push Query Language to target users based upon user preferences, device metrics, behavior, and even geo-location.

Advanced Segmentation
We push notifications to iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, OS X, and now web sites via Safari.

Power APIs
Powerful REST APIs can be used to send programmatic, data-driven, and highly segmented push notifications regardless of platform.

Lightweight SDKs
Integrate a small SDK into your app to start collecting signal data and sending push notifications. The service supports a wide-array of platforms including iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, Window, and even web sites via Safari.

Push IO

Documentation & Support.

Support for Push IO

Step-by-step technical documentation shows you how easy it is to include the Oracle Push Cloud Service in your app. For each platform, a step-by-step guide walks you through SDK integration and API usage.

Getting started
iOS Integration Guide
Android Integration Guide
Windows Phone Integration Guide
Windows 8 Integration Guide